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I’m Cindi, but you may call me Mistress (with a capital ‘M’). I’m a young and very experienced professional dominatrix with access to a very well equipped dungeon.

About me: I am a beautiful but strict English Mistress, specializing in facesitting, tie and tease, playful bondage, humiliation, spanking and prostate massage I have my own custom made playroom, I was put on this earth to blow your mind and I’m extremely good at what I do…

I’ve been into BDSM for 10 years now and I’ve a lot of experience, not to mention a HUGE collection of toys. I’m very open minded about what can happen in a session and I love experimenting with new ideas and fantasies. As a mistress I can be strict and stern or gentle and caring, most of all I like being devious and fucking with a slaves mind so I have complete control over him.

Of course I’m a kinky bitch at the best of times too and I own a huge amount of toys!

Like all professional ladies I require tribute if you want to come and serve me, however I invest all money back in to clothes, toys and playthings so each time you see me I’ve got something new to tease you with… <evil laugh>.

Let me know your darkest desires and I’ll help you make it come true!


I offer a wide range of sessions and kinks, below are some of my favourite and most popular but if there is anything you’ve ever wanted to try please let me know and I will consider your request.

Toilet Training


Adult Baby

TV/Cross dressing



Some of the more unusual perversions I can offer are:
*Anal Training
*Toilet Training
*Face sitting
*Diaper/nappy changing
*Forced cross-dressing
*Foot worship
*Webcam domination
*denied/unstoppable orgasms
*and my favourite: predicament bondage…

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